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Wireless Networking Research Testbed

Welcome to our Wireless Testbed web page. Currently, our indoor testbed is comprised of 50 802.11a/b/g nodes, 8 802.11n nodes, 6 WARP boards and 15 GNU radios; they are all deployed in the 3rd floor of Engineering Building Unit II at the University of California, Riverside. The testbed belongs to the Networking Lab, at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The initial design, setup and configuration of the network was initiated in October 2005 and was completed with the deployment of the testbed, during spring 2006. Since then the testbed is periodically updated with the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies. Recently we updated the network to support MIMO communications, GNU radios and WARP hardware, while we added 25 more nodes.

This is the first wireless research testbed that adopted the architectural choice of combining Linux NFS and PoE with wireless hardware platforms. In this website you will find all you need to know to set-up a similar network-testbed. We describe the network design steps for both the hardware and the software parts, why we rejected specific solutions and how we made our final decisions. The specific instructions and tips that we provide here can help build a similar network within a few days. We explain the different ways of node deployment, as well as how the indoor environment affects the deployment decisions. The ambition of this website is to become a blueprint and manual on how to do your own testbed. We want to facilitate researchers in setting up their own testbed. For this we provide, from the top menu of this page, hints and tips for hardware, software, and operation.

Check out our TridentCom 2007 paper that describes the initial configuration of this testbed in more detail. You can also check our WiCon 2008 paper that desribes our MIMO testbed and provides guidelines for a MIMO testbed deployment.

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